22 April 2009

Big Sir - Nonstop Drummer, The Pistol Chasers

One of my favorite hidden gems, Big Sir is a band that I see no one listens to. Big Sir is a band that includes bassist Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta and Racer X), singer Lisa Papineau. Alderete fretless bass, and Papineau's beautiful haunting voice gives Big Sir their trademark sound. I am a huge Mars Volta fan, so I used to know all the side projects of all the members of the band. Nowadays they have so fucking many, I just gave up on following all of them. I am giving two songs. Nonstop drummer, and Pistol Chasers. A bass and a drum beat are the center piece of Nonstop drummer, and with Papineau catchy vocals, is hands down their best song to date. And Pistol Chasers, which is a catchy little ditty. Enjoy, and I may upload the albums in their full glory once I figure out how to do so.

Nonstop drummer
Pistol Chasers


Pelo said...

I'm waiting for the whole album...it's very difficult for me to get it here in Argentina so thanks.

Ladron said...

oh nice, well i'll make sure to get up the albums in a week or two