14 July 2009

Françoise Hardy - Ma jeunesse fout le camp... (1967)

Happy Bastille Day.

Simon Riley's review over on Amazon.com (5/5):

"This album is a must-have for any fan of 60s French pop. Avoiding some of the disingenuous disposability of her earlier "yeh-yeh" era songs and the occasionally maudlin element of her later work, "Ma Jeunesse" is an impressively even album. It captures that wonderful time in French music where the technical strengths of the chanson tradition were able to blend with the best influences in mainstream pop in the UK and US to produce something uniquely of its time. Although many of the songs are tinged with a sense of loss, the sobriety is lifted throughout by the strong melodies, written by Hardy herself and a rich variety of collaborators. The highlight is "Des Ronds Dans L'Eau" from the film "Vivre Pour Vivre", a cascading and haunting tune, beautifully sung by Hardy. Like all great albums, "Ma Jeunesse" never rests on its laurels and continues to twist and turn all the way through to to the wistful "C'etait Charmant". I would recommend it both to aficionados and starters in French pop. Sad though that the genre's period of true greatness was so shortlived."

moondoggieferg's review on RYM (4/5):

"Do you like beautiful, sad ballads? Move mountains to hear the title track of this LP, then.

Post the shoddily produced earlier 60s stuff - the stuff where you really need to be a fan - Francoise Hardy was a real star, one of the definitive voices of the late 60s.

One of her 3 or 4 best, I reckon."

Get it here.

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