28 November 2008

Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak (2008)

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"Taking a sample, looping it and doing all that 'throw your hands up in the sky' thing has become such a cliché. Hip-hop is over for me."-Kanye West

Although not West’s best album, 808s and Heartbreak is the most creative and interesting side project that I have ever heard come out of any Hip-Hop producer. And I am not going to even front about it. You either are completely in love with it, or you HATE IT.Here are the reasons you should not hate it:

1) Auto-tune:

Please don’t give me that bullshit that auto-tune is played out. Just because Lil’ Wayne likes to use it in the studio when he is fried on cough syrup, and T-Pain likes to use it doesn’t mean auto-tune is played out. Turn off the radio, and the problem of auto-tune playing out is solved.

2)The New York Times says "Mr. West can’t sing, and it is that weakness for which this album will ultimately be remembered”

This album is oozing with musicianship. A lot of the verses and choruses he uses on this album explain the hardship of getting out a relationship and the auto-tune makes up for him not being able to sing.

Here are reasons you should love it:


The Drums on every single track is amazing. A lot of people use the TR-808 Roland drum machine. Hip-Hop producers, techno junkies, ect. Kanye West has managed to make them sound tribal, and has given them a natural vibe which I haven’t heard in anybody’s work, possibly other than Timberland. Good ass Drums.

2) It’s different:

Yeah it’s not the Kanye we all know that speeds up soul samples makes songs like” Through the Wire” and “Crack Music”, but this album is different, and is a fresh new sound. A musician is always changing. I’ve seen it in Coldplay, the Beatles, and even in Bob Dylan. And this change is for the good. Hearing a musician evolve through music is probably one of the things I like about music. Kanye is a musician. A talented one at that. It’s heard throughout this album.

Yeah, I’ll stop ranting now and give you guys the final word. Do you love it or hate it?