01 December 2008

Godspeed You! Black Emperor- Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada(1999)

 "And lo, it was waste and void." That's the translation on the mysterious front cover of this Godspeed EP. On the back you can learn how to make a molotov cocktail in Italian. 
The music is simple and heart rending. Reflecting the bleak deserted Mile End described by the band(abandoned buildings, haunting forests, burned out railroad cars, and abandoned train tracks). "The same feelings of fear and triumph found in Beethoven can be found here" says Marc Gillman of all music and I am going to have to agree with him. Godspeed You! Black Emperor take you on a journey through the not so great white north. From the haunting whispers of the forests to the screech of ghost trains on abandoned tracks.
I'm sure that not everyone will like this album but if you're a post-rock fan or just getting into it then this is a good and easy two song, thirty minute experience. 

Track listing
1.Moya 10:52
2. BBF3 17:45