02 December 2008

"Lhuna" by Coldplay feat. Kylie Minogue

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"The Kylie / Coldplay duet ‘Lhuna’, which Chris Martin has been raving about, finally sees its release, on World AIDS Day (1st December)."

Chris Martin has been blowin' up this duet with Kylie Minogue, saying that it was "too sexy" for Viva La Vida. Well, today its finally out and after giving it a listen, there is a good reason why it was a leftover from Viva la Vida, and hell, it was even a leftover from Prospekt's March EP, which was an ENTIRE collection of leftovers that were obviously better than this song.

Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of Coldplay. I own probably all of the songs they have in their catalog including b-sides, and let me tell you, all their b-sides are GOLD. But this b-side is such a throw-away.

As soon as I hear Kylie's voice, I ask myself, wtf is Kylie doing on this track? This isn't her style of pop, and this style difference make me cringe. Then when Chris Martin sings the chorus, somehow, somebody thought that stacking 5 different versions of Chris Martin's low vocals would sound sexy. It result, it sounds like Chris Martin is mumbling in pain.

I dunno, its a disappointment. If anything, I am hoping this was the record label's attempt at getting more money out of the consumers, and not done at Chris Martin's will. Just like Jay-Z' s verse in "Lost+" was suppose to magically attract black people into liking Coldplay.