03 December 2008

Blondie - Atomic 12" (1980)

This is one of my all-time favourite singles. This is the version re-released in 2004 (I believe) out of the Singles collection. "Atomic" is the best song Blondie recorded, and they manage to perform a surprisingly competent version of David Bowie's "Heroes." "Die Young Stay Pretty" is definitely one of Blondie's essential B-Sides. All in all, this is Blondie at their prime. If you're a fan of pop music at all (and haven't heard these songs), check it out.

  1. "Atomic" (7" Mix) - 3:50
  2. "Die Young Stay Pretty" - 3:36
  3. "Heroes" (Live) - 6:19
Get it here.
Note: If anyone is reading this blog and wants more Blondie singles, just leave a comment. I have loads of them.


Anonymous said...

While this IS a great song, it's not my favorite. But, I digress, I don't have one favorite Blondie song. I do like Union City Blue, Shayla, Pretty Baby and Picture This better than Atomic though.

Anonymous said...

Obrigado! Muito Obrigado! Grato pelos álbuns. O blog é sensacional!!!