12 September 2009

Erkin Koray - Erkin Koray 2 (1976)

From ignatius' review on RYM (4.5/5):

"This is my favorite Erkin Koray album, thanks to full, baroque arrangements and solid tunes. Here Koray comes across as something like a Turkish Scott Walker, a strong singer steeped in larger-than-life hypnotic melancholia, backed by terse, dizzying strings and some other Turkish instrumentation such as saz and other typical Anatolian percussive aspects, but the richness of the tunes and the blending of east/west pop approaches conquers all. Clearly, he's one of Turkey's biggest rock stars ever. Superb work."

Get it here.

Erkin Koray - Erkin Koray (1973)
Erkin Koray - Elektronik Türküler (1974)

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Anandamide said...

I'd listened to a song of his earlier from the album Elektronik Turkuler. Since I came across it again thought I'd grab the album! Thanks!