11 June 2009

Erkin Koray - Erkin Koray (1973)

Didn't feel like finding a review of this either, but trust me, it's great. Unnamed reviewer at Dusty Groove America had this to say about Erkin Koray:

"The first full album of work by Erkin Koray -- a Turkish rocker from the late 60s and early 70s, and one who did a lot to fuse American rock styles with "arabesk", a Turkish version of Arab popular music! Erkin started out in the beat group years, and some of the earlier tracks here show that influence -- but as time goes on, the guitars get heavier and mix more with traditional instrumentation to create a sound that's really unique -- almost an eastern take on progressive modes of the west, played to best effect by Koray on the electric baglama -- a weirdly tuned stringed instrument that's a bit like a trippy version of the lute!"

Uh, okay. Get it here.

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