03 June 2009

Inverness - Forest Fortress (2009)

From the band's myspace:

"Four years ago Inverness was only a glimpse in Lucas de Almeida's eye while he was living in Philadelphia, USA. When he returned to his hometown of São Paulo, Brazil, he realized he needed to find partners to put these ideas to tape.

He started to try and find other musicians that were interested in the same kind of sounds -- after meeting with childhood friend and drummer Marcio Barcha, the band started to take form. At the same time, the two met other two former members of another São Paulo band (Cagedream): guitarists Mateus Perito and Flavio Fraschetti (who would switch to bass for the band).

After much conversation and a few rehearsals the project was started, with English-language compositions and a sound that experiments both with the structures of modern and traditional pop music and the textures and sounds that come from their instruments, bringing direct influence from bands like Animal Collective, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine and Spiritualized."

This sounds like Fleet Foxes on acid. This entire album is gorgeous


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