12 June 2009

Tokyo Jihen - Adult (2006)

東京事変 (Tokyo Jihen), which translates to Tokyo Incidents, is Shiina Ringo's current main project. I don't feel like writing my own review (which I'll get around to someday), so here are some words from some fellow RYM-ers:

"I dunno, there's this certain charm about Shiina Ringo that's lacking in some J-pop singers. It's either that or she's backed by really good musicians on this album. Now I'm not that familiar with her other releases, but I got hooked on this one when I first took it for a spin. The pop and rock elements work well together, and hints of jazz and bossa just make it more worthwhile. Some of my favorites include "Himitsu", "Tasogare Naki", "Blackout" and "Tegami" (because I'm a sucker for ballads). " - Happymeal (4/5)

"Tokyo Jihen's previous album had flirted with a certain smoky jazz bar atmosphere but it is in this album that they truly embrace it. Adult finds the incidents [sic] a lot more polished and a lot more comfortable with their own sound. They tackle standard pop/rock tunes from a new jazzier angle as well as doing straightforward piano ballads, flirting with lounge and bossa nova. They can do it all. Anyway, Shiina Ringo's vocals are fantastic as always and while this record lacks the eccentricities of her solo work, it is nonetheless essential for any Shiina fan. Hell, any pop fan in general. There is a lot to love here." - ninjavsself (4.5)

Me? I gave it a 4.5/5. It's a whole lot of fun, and pretty chill. If I had more than three hours of sleep in the past two days, then I'd be a lot more articulate. Meh. Take our collective recommendation.

Get it here.

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Ladron said...

I really enjoyed this record