11 June 2009

Erkin Koray - Elektronik Türküler (1974)

I didn't feel like looking for a review, so here is yerdenyere's review over on Rate Your Music (5/5):

"Without a doubt, the manifesto of and template for Anadolu Pop as a whole. Erkin's chops were never in doubt, but the arrangements here, particularly on Yalnızlar Rıhtımı and Türkü, leave one capable of believing that psychedelia would have sprung spontaneously from the soil of Asia Minor even if American blues had never crashed into British Invasion beat. This is a masterpiece, crucial to anyone interested in the history of rock n roll, much less Turkish music or 'world' psychedelia. As we say in Istanbul, "Erkin Baba yaşasın...." Many thanks to the World Psychedelia label for its reissue, which has finally made this unparalleled recording available on cd."

Word. Get it here.

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