01 June 2009

Cut City - s/t (2005) EP

"Cut City is an indie rock group formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2002 around the local Deleted Art label, sort of the Swedish counter-part to U.S. art-punk imprints like Three One G and Tapes Records. In May 2005 they issued a 4-song EP on the California-based Gold Standard Labs label. Drawing comparisons to groups such as Echo & The Bunnnymen and Joy Division as well as newer bands like Interpol and Editors they at the same time echo the past as much as the future."

This 4 song EP was the first one I picked up from Cut City around 2005, before they came out with Exit Decades (2007) and Narcissus Can Wait (2009) . All the songs on here do have a hint of Joy Divison amd Interpol, while being completely orginial at the same time. What really drives these songs foward are the beatutiful bass lines and druming, while the guitar parts and vocals are what give the songs their substance. This EP is the reason I love Cut City, and this EP is their best work.

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