07 October 2009

Jay-Z - The Purple Album

Shit, I uploaded this like, six months ago and forgot to upload it. My b.
Basically, this is a mashup of Jay's Black Album, and...wait for it....Prince's Purple Rain. And it works. The version of "Threat" here is waaaay better than the original album version. It's all very well done. I'd give it a 4.57/5. Highly recommended.

Like, give it a chance. None of ya'll are downloading the rap albums I post, so I'm gonna try to get my hip-hop game up. I guess not enough hipsters know 'bout this blog.

Get it here.

EDIT: Sorry that "Threat" is corrupt. Here it is.


Jollyherb Greenthumb said...

I see the same trend on my blog, with the exception of the early electro tracks I post...the other hip-hop stuff is the least downloaded...some heads will never get over the hump...sucks to be them... Keep up the good work brother!!

Lost Gnostic said...

No no, we come around from time to time and I for one appreciate the time and effort you put in to this blog!

Also to let you know that track 7-Threat is corrupt.

Thanks for the cool tunes!