15 October 2009

The Smiths - Dance With Octopuses (1986 Bootleg)

Really, it's The Smiths. That's all that needs to be said. This is a very good quality recording, and is probably my favourite Smiths bootleg (if my words mean anything to you). For those who care, I think this is from the 23 October 1986 show at London's National Club. Check out "The Draize Train," an instrumental jam where Johnny Marr really lets loose (the song also appears in a lesser form on Rank). Too bad this blog's namesake wasn't on the setlist; it's a really underrated song in their catalogue. The closing one-two punch of urgent renditions of "How Soon Is Now?" and "Bigmouth Strikes Again" is a real treat.

Of course, I have to give credit where credit is due; if you want Smiths boots, alternate mixes, etc., then you need to check out akiraware. Between the studio albums you should already have and this website, you'll have all the Smiths you need.

  1. The Queen Is Dead
  2. Panic
  3. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
  4. Ask
  5. Frankly, Mr Shankly
  6. The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
  7. Is It Really So Strange?
  8. London
  9. I Know It's Over
  10. The Draize Train
  11. How Soon Is Now?
  12. Bigmouth Strikes Again

Get it here.

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Hebridean Monty said...

Thanks...looking forward to this...