19 October 2009

Françoise Hardy - Comment te dire adieu (1968)

dorotea's review on Rate Your Music (4.5/5):

"Twelve songs, all versions except two composed by herself. ¡But what versions!, wonderful renditions of Phil Och's "There but for fortune", Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne", Jobim's "Sabia"and three hits of pop like the title track "It Hurts to Say Goodbye", "Lonesome town" and "The Way of Love", all of course translated to French language. Still, the best is in home: Gainsbourg's "L'anamour" and the poem of Louis Aragon with music of Georges Brassens "Il n'y a pas d'amour hereux".

Following an extended fashion of late 60's between French artists of recording in London, city of studios and new techniques, the delicious arrangements of Arthur Greenslade, Jean Pierre Sabar, Mike Vickers and John Cameron and the unique voice of Françoise, make of this one of her best albums. Great cover of Jean Paul Goude."

Get it here
. And, if anyone can find me Message personnel, her album from 1973, I'd appreciate it (as would the readers of this blog; they seem to love them some Françoise Hardy). Word.

Françoise Hardy - The Yeh-Yeh Girl From Paris (1965)
Françoise Hardy - Ma jeunesse fout le camp... (1967)
Françoise Hardy - La question (1971)


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