03 November 2009

Deltron 3030 (2000)

Dolemic's review on RYM (5/5):

"Deltron 3030 is a concept album about an Orwellian future where a giant conglomerate has taken over the world and homogenized our lives, jobs, music, etc. Two heroes have stepped forward to battle our oppressors: Deltron Zero and the Automator. On another level, Deltron 3030 is a concept album about right now where a corporate structure has taken over the music industry and homogenized our hip-hop. Two artists have stepped forward to battle trite, radio-ready rap music: MC Del the Funkee Homosapien and producer Dan the Automator (with DJ Kid Koala along for the ride).

The former concept doesn't really hold water to close scrutiny, as Del's lyrics are designed more to dazzle with acrobatic wordplay and a barrage of pop culture references than to spin a cohesive yarn. Of course, that doesn't mean that it isn't a load of fun. In dizzying fashion, Del spits verses about "Ghost in the Shell", Silver Surfer, the Decepticons, "The Matrix", Neo-Tokyo, Micro Machines, Final Fantasy and Optimus Prime. And that's in the first two songs. To claim that Deltron 3030 is somewhat "nerdy" would not be unfair. Again, that doesn't mean that it isn't a load of fun.

As far as the latter concept, it is sadly very true, both now and when the album was released. In similar fashion to his efforts on Dr. Octagonecologyst, Dan is purely brilliant in his crafting of sonic landscapes for his counterpart to play in. Unlike the aforementioned album, however, he now has a partner who is equally talented in his respective craft. Del delivers his gonzo rhymes with precision and intensity. Together they create a magnificent sci-fi epic with a great sense of humor. Del's crazy lyrics would sound out of place over a Timbaland or Kanye West beat, for example, in much the same way that a generic rhyme about hustling or fashion would never make sense over the cinematic production of the Dan the Automator. Throw in the superb and tasteful scratching of Kid Koala and you understand why this album has become the cult classic it has.

Although Deltron 3030 is meant to be taken as a whole, with skits interspersed between each song, certain tracks do stand out. "3030" is sweeping and grandiose, like a John Williams score. "Turbulence" boasts the darkest, scariest hip-hop production since Dr. Octo. Nowhere do the talents of the three chief collaborators culminate in such a beautiful fashion as on the tremendous "Madness". The best song on the album is also one of the best in hip-hop history.

Deltron 3030 is a fearless, uncompromising and sprawling masterpiece. It doesn't surprise me that it hasn't garnered a lot of attention in the casual hip-hop community. None of these artists have ever made any attempt to market themselves to a mainstream audience. That's not a compliment or a fault, just a fact. Regardless, any fan of any type of music should find this album enthralling and worthy of their time. There really isn't anything else out there that sounds like this. Of course, it doesn't hurt to be a little nerdy yourself."

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Trust me on this one: get this. The beats are amazing. Like, you know the beats are gold when you can listen to them alone and you enjoy it as much (if not more) than the parent album. I give this a 6/5. See if you can freestyle over the beat to "3030".

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