20 November 2009

Katy Perry - MTV Unplugged (2009)

Before I start getting heckled, I just had to clarify that, yes this is Katy Perry, and that her unplugged was brilliant. I am speaking on a completely objective basis (although I fucking love her as a pop star anyways), but this performance affirms my belief that Katy Perry is a decent singer-songwriter, and more importantly, a musician. First off, I absolutely loved the way how all her soulless mega pop hit songs are arranged in an intimate acoustic manner. Everything seems to be on point, the guitar, the bass, the drums, to a certain extent; it is a very professional yet raw sound. I believe that presentation is everything in music, and Katy Perry presents 7 songs, and they are an extremely enjoyable listen. “I Kissed a Girl” jazz style never sounded so damn good.

Another important thing was her voice. I feel as if Katy Perry has finally found her place, as her voice sounds absolutely fantastic in this small intimate setting. So don’t give me that bullshit that she can’t sing, because she sounds soulful.

Either way, if she could move her career to doing shows like these, I’d be down.

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wafflecake said...

"Listening to Katy Perry's litany of belched alphabets, fruity boyfriends, Vegas hangovers, and lesbian lip-locks on her debut, One of the Boys, it's easy to assume she'll do anything for attention, and a close read of her history proves that suspicion true. Prior to her transformation into a teen tart, Perry was a Christian singer operating under the name Katy Hudson...All the pros give One of the Boys a cross-platform appeal, but there's little question that its revolting personality is all down to Katy Perry, who distills every reprehensible thing about the age of The Hills into one pop album...Perry is not untalented -- she writes like an ungarbled Alanis and has an eye for details, as when she tells her emo meterosexual boyfriend to hang himself with his H&M scarf on "Ur So Gay" -- but that only accentuates how her vile wild-child persona is an artifice designed to get her the stardom she craves. Maybe if the music were as trashy as the style, she could get away with it, as it would have a junky thrill."

Ladron said...

dunno man, I dig her

wafflecake said...

I know you do man; I'm just lunchin'.