16 November 2009

Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg (1969)

nlm1984's review on RYM (4.5/5):

"As I was playing this album just last night, my mother asked me the name of the title track, the first cut. I told her "Je t'aime... Moi, Non Plus" or, loosely translated, "I Love You... Nor Do I." She gave me the crook eye and asked, "Wasn't that a banned song?!" "Why yes, it was," I replied. That song raised the ire of The Vatican. Well, I must say that my mother surprised me. I had no clue she knew one Gainsbourg song.

Now, to the album itself. As the majority of this album was recorded a Londres, it carries an aire of its time. It's very charming!

The classic title track: Fantastic arrangement for being a C-F-G chord song. I, personally, love the organ and string arrangement. His version with Bridgitte Bardot is all the more better, as it's mix is re-structured with the orchestra in the fore. "Je vais et je viens/ entre te riens" I go and I come/ between your kidneys.

Speaking of organs, L'anamour or Non-love, features some of the best sounding Hammond B-3 organ ever recorded.

The guitar on this album is nice an clean, manipulated only on occasion by a stray wah-wah peddle. This effect is found in the precious Orang-Outan. J'aime ma poupeé orang-outan! En anglais, I love my toy monkey. This monkey is featured on the album cover of L'histoire de Melody Nelson. This monkey is also one of the sources of Jane's tears in the song Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M'en Vais from 1973.

Soixent-neuf, Anneé Erotique is another stand-out. '69 the erotic year. Serge always loved his play of words. Just use your imagination as to what that means. This cut also features a delightful arrangement; bass-driven, orchestra, vibes, peddled-out piano.

Les Sucettes, features a very English arrangement. Written for France Gall in '65, Serge reclaims this suggestive work. Great!

This album is a masterpiece. This is an album that should be owned by everyone, yet thankfully isn't. If you can appreciate this, consider yourself lucky."

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