18 November 2009

Tarwater - Animals, Suns & Atoms (2000)

An album with sentimental value if anything. I remember buying this album high with my friend Nick and Steve, my friend/ other writer on this blog. It was tossed in among the other shitty used CD’s that haven’t seen the light of day. Anyways we played this and took a cruise around town, and to say the least, it’s a very decent album. The sound is mellow, and very reminiscent of The Notwist, and Department of Eagles, and maybe, just maybe a small pinch of Portishead with the use of samples and/or sampling, repeating motifs within songs . In case you haven’t heard of Tarwater (Which I wouldn’t be surprised), they are a German duo who play post rock music.It may sound a bit dated because of the types of sounds the German duo uses at times but nevertheless, it’s a decent album for smoking if anything. Calm, smooth, relaxing listen.

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